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    Los Angeles Receivables Management Resource
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    Meeting radiologist's cash flow needs
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    Using your income stream
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    Cash out with a lump sum
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    Quick hassle-free closing
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    We do the waiting
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    1 (818) 710-0337
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    We are not a billing company.
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    We are not a collection company.
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    We buy receivables.
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    We wait so you don't have to.

LA Receivables is not a billing company.

LA Receivables is not a collection company.

LA Receivables buys receivables so that the doctor does not have to wait for his money.

Don't face crippling and time consuming delays in handling billing issues. You don't have to wait for payment.

LA Receivables specializes in purchasing medical receivables from Radiologists who do not want to wait for their money.

You assign the receivables to
LA Receivables. LA Receivables writes you a check. LA Receivables does the waiting.

Call to see if
LA Receivables has the solution for you.

LA Receivables 1(818) 710-0337 Los Angeles California

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